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The Kiln Doctor offers sales, services and supplies.
A Distributor for Amaco/Brent Products
268+ years of experience
Licensed and Insured
Servicing Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C.,  Maryland and Delaware
Commercial and Regular Maintenance plans available

Mike specializes in repair service for all popular brands and some discontinued 
brands of electric kilns for pottery, ceramic, glass, enameling, jewelry and doll making.
Specialities include repair and maintenance of pottery wheels, pug mills, slab rollers,
extruders and vent systems

Sound Advice+Reliable Service=Excellent Results

 Call # 540-636-6016   or toll free  1-877-545-6362 for all Amaco/Brent Products, pricing, delivery, service, installation and training



  • Free Plasti-bat with every Brent Potter's wheel
  • Free "How to Throw on the Potter's Wheel" DVD with Dee Shaad included with each wheel.
  • Consumers receive a manufactures rebate for AMACO glazes for each piece of equipment purchased. (see details in our current catalog)
    • $275 – AMACO Kiln AH-30
    • $140 – AMACO Kiln AH-10, AH-25, Excel Kiln EX-1850SF, or Deluxe Institutional Program
    • $110 – AMACO Kiln HF-105, FA-88, or Basic Ceramic Program
    • $100 – AMACO Kiln HF-101, HF-97, EC-55, FA-44, GSF-670, Excel Kiln EX-399, EX-365, EX-270, EX-1099SF, Brent Slab Roller SR-36
    • $70 – Excel Kiln EX-344, EX-247, EX-324, EX-226, EX-1266, GSF-045, Brent Wheel EX, CXC, C, B, J, EJ, No. 16, AMACO wheel No. 1, No.2C, Brent Slab Roller SRC, Sr-14, SR-20

Designed for schools or studios with smaller requirements, the HF-97 is built with the same high quality components as the HF-101 and 105.

The HF-101 is a medium capacity top-loading floor model kiln with a firing range up to Cone 10.

The HF-105 is our largest capacity top-loading floor model kiln with 8.33 cu. ft. firing chamber.

The EC-55 is a low-fire, small capacity top-loading kiln that has a maximum temperature of Cone 03.



Totally Re-designed For 2009!
The Brent ie wheel can now be used as a floor model as well as as a tabletop model. And as part of Brent's new Green Series, the ie tabletop is made of 100% recycled materials.




Totally Re-designed For 2009!
The Brent ie wheel can now be used as a floor model as well as as a tabletop model. And as part of Brent's new Green Series, the ie tabletop is made of 100% recycled materials.

  Select from four top-loading floor models, the HF-97, HF-101, HF-105, and EC-55 three with a maximum firing temperature of Cone 10 and one with a maximum temperature of Cone 03.

Up to a $110 gift of LEAD FREE AMACO® glazes with purchase ($140 with purchase of Deluxe Ceramic Program with HF-101SF kiln)! 
   Brent SmartCart
 NEW! This sturdy cart offers a solid top shelf and two steel mesh shelves plus a retractable shelf for additional work area or storage. Also has swivel/locking casters.
   Brent Compact Ware Cart
NEW! Compact version of the dependable Brent Ware Cart EX is ideal for small studios and classrooms.
   Brent Ware Cart EX
This sturdy ware cart provides storage for ware in process, after drying, cooling before firing, or moving.
   Brent Batmobile
A strong steel cart on 4" diameter rubber swivel casters. It holds up to 90 - 14" bats, with adjustable shelves.



White Art Clay No. 25 -- Low Fire (Cone 05) -- Talc-Free -

An all-purpose low-fire pure white clay, No. 25 is suitable for all handbuilding methods of modeling and wheel throwing.

Versa Clay No. 20 -- Low Fire (Cone 05) -

Versa Clay No. 20 has excellent plasticity that lends itself to all types of hand building, wheel throwing, can be press molded, and shaped paper-thin without cracking.

Sedona Red Clay No. 67 -- Low Fire (Cone 05) -- Talc-Free -

Sedona Red Clay No. 67 is a rich red color before and after firing and can be used for all hand methods of modeling: slab, push and pull, coil, sculpture, and wheel throwing.









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